Wondering what to expect from a Tarquin birthday party?

Well, here’s what! From the moment the doors open to the moment the last child leaves, prepare for a flurry of fly-by the seat of your pants fun!

We can play traditional games or Tarquin’s own versions, large group games or small group games, wet or dry games, food games, crrrazy races, silly games, sensible games… no wait… not sensible games! They’d be boring!

Tarquin Childcare Services provide all the prizes, sweets, lollipops, chocolates, balloons and parcels for every event. Due to extensive experience, we can also advise and help with the best possible venues and birthday cakes too!

As an added bonus, Tarquin can even come to your house before-hand and help you plan/tailor the entire party to suit you.

With all that taken care of, all you grown-ups need to do is lay down a bit of food for the children, sit back with a glass of wine and watch Cornwall’s premier male children’s entertainer make a merry fool of himself!