I have been successfully bringing smiles to children’s (and grown ups’!) faces for over 20 years now, ever since the early days when I would collect my nephews from school and regularly end up with half the pupils around me, giggling.

I received my first qualification for childcare (PLA Diploma in Pre-school Practice) in the mid-nineties, after gaining experience at the Falmouth School of Art Day Nursery and running my first playgroup in Mylor.

Since then I have worked with a vast number of wonderful nurseries, playgroups and families throughout Cornwall, including Flying Start Nurseries, Sure Start, Playstation, Chuckles Nurseries, Playbox, Bouncers and many more. I have also managed to juggle in a degree in Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons) into the mix, achieving a 2:1 and a principle’s commendation.

Throughout my entire career I have maintained a constant stream of private childcare, working with children of all ages and backgrounds. For many families I have had the pleasure of caring for different generations of their children for periods stretching over ten years!

Although the settings and children I work with vary, one thing always stays the same: My belief that every child should be understood and encouraged, with the utmost respect for his or her individual interests, insecurities and idiosyncrasies.

Finally, everyone who happens upon me either personally or professionally swiftly learns that my passion, focus and philosophies are utterly dedicated to raising children’s self-esteem!!! I (and all of my ‘Tarquinised’ staff) truly believe that self-esteem = confidence, confidence = self-awareness, self-awareness = happy, content children….and everybody knows…. happy, content children = very happy grown-ups!!!